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Our Mission

Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP) exists to meet the legal and advocacy needs of homeless individuals and families in Philadelphia. With a legal staff of 9 and a corps of 350 volunteer lawyers, paralegals, and law students, HAP engages in direct outreach to homeless individuals in need of legal services.

Explore Our Projects


Adopt-a-Shelter Project

Through the Adopt-a-Shelter project, law firms and corporate legal departments staff a HAP legal clinic on a monthly or bimonthly basis to expand HAP's ability to meet the homeless community's legal needs. HAP's Adopt-a-Shelter program provides an opportunity for attorneys to conduct pro bono work in a way that fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.


SOAR Project

HAP's SOAR Project is ranked as the number 1 program in the country helping homeless disabled adults and youth aging out of foster care to obtain SSI/SSDI benefits on a rapid basis. By securing SSI/SSDI benefits, HAP's clients are provided with the economic resources needed to secure safe housing.


Children, Youth, and Families Project

The Children, Youth, and Families Project conducts specialized legal clinics at the City’s largest family shelters as well as provider sites where transition-age youth spend their time. These clinics attempt to address some of the most urgent legal needs of homeless children and young adults, and to remove barriers interfering with family access to housing.


Veterans Project

HAP's Veterans Project is the only legal assistance program in Philadelphia that specifically targets homeless veterans. Through the Veterans Project, HAP has expanded its reach into the homeless community to educate and advocate on behalf of a particularly vulnerable population that had previously been overlooked by Philadelphia's public interest sector.

Changing Lives!

HAP relies not only on the tireless efforts of its staff and volunteers, but also on the generosity of its donors. Your contribution to HAP will go a long way in helping homeless children, families, and individuals in the Philadelphia community.


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