Prior to Labor Day this fall (2012), Lincoln Financial, Blank Rome and Reger Rizzo, the three entities that have adopted HAP’s legal clinic at the Eliza Shirley Family Shelter, teamed together to provide back packs with school supplies for the 25 children living at Eliza Shirley. The school district donated the bags and HAP’s partners did the rest.

Each middle schooler got a flash drive, calculator, dictionary, pens, paper, flash cards, hand sanitizer as well as other basic school needs, The younger children got flash cards, dry erase boards, markers, crayons etc. There is even an overflow box of supplies to be used through out the year.

In addition, the Shelter was given an arts and craft box with supplies for the children.

Thank you to our partners Nancy Smith of Lincoln Financial, Kathy Ochroch of Blank Rome and Margie Morris of Reger Rizzo and their colleagues for purchasing the supplies, stuffing the bags and delivering them to the shelter all before the start of the school year!