At our September 20th Birth Certificate Clinic, 38 volunteers from 10 corporations and 1 law firm (Aetna, Cigna, Lincoln Financial, Merck, PECO/Exelon, Pep Boys, Saul Ewing, Subaru, Verizon, Wawa and 21st Century) processed birth certificate requests for 105 adults and 29 homeless children! Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers for helping these homeless men, women, and children with their identification needs. BRAVO!

This event marked Peco’s 11th "all hands" Birth Certificate Clinic for HAP’s clients and with today’s tally, we have assisted 1,301 homeless individuals to obtain birth certificates – essential for state issued photo identification, medical benefits and housing.

We could not have done this without all of your support. A special thank you to Amy Tarr and her tremendous team at PECO/Exelon for the time, energy and heart they have put into helping the poorest citizens of Philadelphia.

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