HAP Updates

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  • The HAP Annual Benefit (April 2) is postponed. Please read update here.
  • HAP’s legal clinics in April have been postponed. Please check the clinic schedule for additional updates.
  • HAP staff is telecommuting through Thursday, April 30.

For urgent matters, please call HAP at 215-523-9595 or 1-800-837-2672 or email Michele at mlevy@haplegal.org. Please […]

HAP Receives a GSK IMPACT Award

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For 23 years, GSK has honored outstanding nonprofit organizations that are improving health in and around its U.S. corporate campuses with GSK IMPACT Awards. The name “IMPACT” is an acronym capturing the six guiding principles of the awards. […]

HAP and Comcast Co-Host a Birth Certificate Clinic

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On Tuesday, November 12, 22 legal volunteers from Comcast and Morgan Lewis assisted 73 homeless individuals (56 adults and 17 children) with their Birth Certificate applications at a HAP birth certificate legal clinic held at Project HOME!

Many thanks to all the HAP Volunteers, some of whom are pictured here.

HAP Opposes Proposed Rule That Would Allow Discrimination in Healthcare

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The Homeless Advocacy Project submitted comments opposing a proposed rule that would amend regulations that implement Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (RIN 0945-AAll). As a legal services program dedicated to the elimination of homelessness, we are compelled to oppose the proposed action which is without justification and will undoubtedly lead to decreased […]

HAP Joins Challenge Against Elimination of General Assistance in Pennsylvania

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HAP joined an Amicus Brief in the class action lawsuit challenging the unconstitutional elimination of General Assistance in Pennsylvania.  General Assistance provided a very small amount of monthly income to people with disabilities, people fleeing domestic violence, people completing treatment for substance use disorder, and children in the care of non-relatives. General Assistance ended on August […]

HAP Negotiates New Application Process to Obtain Puerto Rico Birth Certificates

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HAP’s Senior Staff Attorney Pat Malley and Director of Operations Tanya Rambert, with help from Dechert legal assistant Denise Neris, negotiated with the attorney for the Puerto Rico Department of Vital Records to obtain clarification of the application process to receive birth certificates from Puerto Rico.  After months of HAP volunteers having their clients’ applications […]